Friday, April 2, 2010

Craft punches and edible icing sheet

Today I've been having fun playing with craft punches and edible icing sheet. I imagine many of you at home will have craft punches - I'm sure we all do!. Just in case you want to know where the ones I've used today came from. The small kiwi punches were bought from Warehouse Stationery. The round & scalloped round were bought from Kristine at "Creative Stamping" The butterfly & lattice heart punches are Martha Stewart brand, I bought these through Trademe from Rachel at "Embellish it"

The shapes are very quick to punch out. I found it was easier to leave the backing paper on whilst punching. It was super easy to remove afterwards. Actually punching shapes is quite addictive, I didn't want to stop.

Hearts are a popular theme for wedding cupcakes. And here in NZ paua shell design is popular for many weddings

Butterflies would be lovely in a group on a cake, or individually on cupcakes

I found that both the positive & the negative cut out could be useful

Use one now, and save the other for later

I can picture this one for Christmas
I did stocktake March 31st - in doing so, I found some edible images, near to their expiry date GREAT punched those too! I got a little bit carried away with my butterflies, I was having so much fun.
The simple Scalloped round or plain round would make an awesome cupcake topper. I used the same edible icing sheet with the lattice heart punch and it gave a funky modern abstract pattern with no resemblance to the original design. These would also look great applied to cookies.

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