Monday, January 18, 2010

The cheapest advertising you'll get!

"WARNING! CAKE ON BOARD". This nifty magnet adheres to any car door - side, back, front or even the bonnet. It is particularly useful for letting those following you know, you're taking corners a little slowly, or being careful over speed bumps, as you've precious cargo on board.

If you've ever have had to deliver a cake and needed to park in front of the main doors of a venue for just 5 minutes, it lets everyone know "you're the cake delivery guy/gal".

They are lovely & thin, so from a short distance look like sign writing on your car. I have personally tested these on my car doors for days and even after long distances at 100kph they are still right where I put them.

The blank white portion below can be used with a permanent marker, white board marker or weather proof stickers to let everyone know about your cake making skills & availability. Include your name, phone number or website address. Changing your vehicle for the day, or permanently - no problem, just peel and restick over & over. I've had these magents specially made for Kiwicakes, so you won't find them anywhere else in New Zealand.

At just $30 each, they represent very good value for money, sold singly, they work well on the rear of a car, or in pairs on side doors. Approximately 28x21cm.
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