Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chocolate Cointreau cupcakes

Who can resist chocolate orange? I just had to try this combination of Cointreau & chocolate. I've been interested to try some liquer icings (following my successful SPCA cupcakes which were Baileys Irish cream icing). The chocolate transfer wedges were fun to make, I simply spread melted chocolate on a strip of transfer, and just before it set, I used a round cutter across the straight edge, to form a wedge. To complete the look, I used Rainbow dust sparkle in "golden orange", the photo simply doesn't do the glitter justice - it was a perfect match for the cupcake paper colour. It looks stunning.

I'm sending one to school with Poppy for her teacher "Miss Corby" - If Kath is looking tonight, I've ruined the surprise.

I used the citrus design transfer $7.50 per large sheet (I only used a fraction of a sheet, to make 14 wedges) - click here to buy

And the stunning foil papers are 5.50 for 25 - click here to buy

And to finish, I used "jewel golden orange" sparkle glitter $11 per pot - click here to buy

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