Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sandra has never been so excited!

Now you all would have heard me say before, that I love something!. However I have NEVER been so excited as when I heard about these chocolate transfer moulds (priced from $25-$28ea).

It was an anxious wait, from the time I ordered until they landed on my doorstep.

Now most of you will have used a chocolate mould before and many of you will have used a chocolate transfer sheet. However this product combines both. The cocoa butter design is printed down in to the mould. Simply pour in melted chocolate and once cooled, unmould to reveal stylish chocolates that look like handpainted masterpieces.

Although the transfer is a single use application, these moulds can be washed and reused with plain chocolate or coloured & marbled chocolate, to make co-ordinating pieces to match.
In the case of the green circles mould shown below on top of cupcakes, you could make 1 batch of green transfer, one batch of green chocolate and 1 batch of brown chocolate. Then mix and match your circles/rings to extend the number of cupcakes you can create from 1 mould.

I would love to hear what you all think of them. I've been so busy adding new products, I've yet to try them out. I've searched the internet and as yet can find no one using them in their work. So I'm proud to be bringing you something new & exciting.

There are currently 10 styles of moulds in the range.

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